Python coding mode in Mind+

If you are familiar with the Petoi coding blocks and Python language, you can change to the Code mode in Mind+ as follows:

The Code mode is a Python3 development environment. You can write any Python script in it and call all the API interfaces of the PetoiRobot library imported by Mind+.

You can find the PetoiRobot library in the following directory, there are all the definitions of API interfaces in the

  • Windows C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\DFScratch\extensions\petoi-robot-thirdex\python\libraries\

  • MacOS /Users/{username}/Library/DFScratch/extensions/petoi-robot-thirdex/python/libraries/

Below are the supported functions in the library. You may refer to the auto-generated Python code in the Blocks mode to learn its formats.

# use to print debug information
def printH(head, value)

# deactivate the Gyro
def deacGyro()

# get the current angle list of all joints
def getAngleList()
    return angleList

# get the current angle value of a joint 
def getCurAng(index)

# creat an absolut value list
def absValList(num1, num2)

# rotate angle from relative value to absolute value
# creat an offset value list
def relativeValList(index, symbol, angle)

# rotate the joints sequentially or simultaneously
def rotateJoints(token, var, delayTime)

# play tones
def play(token, var, delayTime)

# encode the character to bytes
def encode(in_str, encoding='utf-8')
def printSkillFileName()

# open the serial port 
def openPort(port)

# auto connect serial ports
def autoConnect()

# send a short skill string
def sendSkillStr(skillStr, delayTime)

def loadSkill(fileName, delayTime):

# send a command string
def sendCmdStr(cmdStr, delayTime)

def sendLongCmd(token, var, delayTime)

# get the analog value of a pin
def readAnalogValue(pin)

# get the digital value of a pin
def readDigitalValue(pin)

# set the analog value of a pin
def writeAnalogValue(pin, val)
# set the digital value of a pin
def writeDigitalValue(pin, val)

# close the serial port
def closePort()

Here is a sample code :

# The code starts here
from PetoiRobot import *    # must import the PetoiRobot library

# enter the code below
# auto connect serial ports

# call the APIs to control the Petoi robot
sendSkillStr('ksit', 0.5)
sendCmdStr('T', 0.5)
loadSkill("skillFileName", 0.2)

# close the serial port

You can also copy the code in the Auto Generate area in the Blocks mode and then paste it into the code file in the Code mode. Then you can edit and run the code.

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