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Serial Monitor

Connect the USB Adapter

Connect the USB adapter to the mainboard and select the correct serial port. Please refer to the Connect NyBoard section in the USB Uploader Module for specific steps.
You can choose the "Serial Monitor" in "Tools" menu bar, or click the
button to open the serial monitor window:
Open up the serial monitor and set up the baud rate. With NyBoard V1_*, set "No line ending" and the baud rate to 115200 in the serial monitor.

Connect Bluetooth uploader (optional)

For specific steps, please refer to the Connect NyBoard section in the Dual-Mode Bluetooth Module.
Then you can select it under Tools->Port of Arduino IDE, and use it in the same way as the USB adapter.
On Mac, the Bluetooth may lose connection after several uploads. In that case, delete the connection and reconnect to resume the functionality.
The Bluetooth dongle is not included in the kit sold by Seeed Studio or its partners. Please write to [email protected] for more information.
With the USB adapter / Bluetooth module connecting NyBoard and Arduino IDE, you have the ultimate interface - Serial Monitor to communicate with NyBoard and change every byte on it(via sending the serial commands based on the serial protocol).