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Though you can program BiBoard directly or NyBoard with the USB uploader, external power is required to drive the servos separately.
When USB powers the mainboard, the blue LED on the mainboard will light on. When external batteries power the mainboard, the yellow LED will light on.


Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Model: ZCF503060
Rated Capacity: 1000mAh/7.4Wh
Input: 5V-1.5A
The servos require 7.4~8.4V external power to move. Our customized Li-ion battery has a built-in charging and protection circuit. Clicking the battery's button will show its status. Blue light indicates it has power, and red means the power is low. Long-pressing the button for 3 seconds to power on/off the battery.

Connection and Power On

Be careful with the polarity when connecting the power supply. The terminal on the main board has an anti-reverse socket, so you won't be able to plug in the wrong direction. See here for the detailed connection instructions. It's recommended that you insert the battery's plug into the main board's terminal before turning on the power.
Reversed connection may damage your NyBoard!

Battery Life

It can last hours if you're mainly coding and testing postures or less than 30 minutes if you keep Bittle running.
Use senario
Battery life
Stand by
several hours
Mainly coding and testing postures
a couple of hours
Stepping at the orignal spot
more than an hour
less than 0.5 hours
The battery light will turn red when the power is low. The power will soon be cut off automatically.


Use a 5V-1A USB charger to charge the battery. We don't recommend using fast chargers. The battery will NOT supply power during charging. Keep the battery in your sight when charging.
During the charging process, the red LED light is on.
When the charging is finished, the green LED light is on.

After Using

After using, remember to turn off the battery. The blue LED will stay light on if the USB power still powers it. You can check if the yellow LED on the main board is turned off.

Attaching the Battery to the body

The battery can be attached to the robot's body conveniently without any screws. Check the following video: