Install Mind+ on Chromebook

Configure the Linux environment

You need to turn on Linux on the Chromebook to access the Linux environment via the terminal app.

Then, follow the following steps to install Mind+.

Check the processor architecture

Use the following command to check the processor architecture in the terminal: uname -m The output will be similar to "i686", "x86_64" or "armv7": i686 (or similar) - 32-bit Intel/AMD processor (common in older computers). x86_64 (or similar) - 64-bit Intel/AMD processors (modern laptops, desktops, and most Chromebooks). armv7 (or higher) - ARM processor. (Mobile phones, tablets, 2nd and 3rd generation Raspberry Pis running Ubuntu Mate, and some Chromebooks. Most are 32-bit now)

Download package

According to different architectures to download different versions:


Use the following command in the terminal to install it (Replace ***** with the file name of the installation package): sudo dpkg -i *****.deb sudo apt-get -f install

After installed, you can start the Mind+ app in the Chromebook launcher:

Run Mind+

Now, you can proceed to the Mind+ tutorial.

Currently, connection via Bluetooth is not supported.

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