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How to use C++ to play with Nybble😼 or Bittle🐶

Use the library in your own project

The project is built as a dynamic library so that the program can easily link to it. The recommended practice to use the library is to clone it as a git submodule:
git submodule add opencat_serial
If you are using cmake, simply create a CMakeLists.txt file and link the library to your executable:
cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.0.2)
option(CATKIN_ENABLE "Enable using the Catkin make extension to cmake (ie for ROS)" OFF)
add_executable(serial_examples path/to/cpp)
target_link_libraries(serial_examples opencat_serial)


Below is a very simple example on how to use the library.
#include "opencat_serial/opencat_serial.hpp"
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
// connect to the serial device
OpenCat::Robot rob("/path/to/port");
// create task
OpenCat::Task task;
// set command type to calibration pose
task.command = OpenCat::Command::CALIB_POSE;
// time delayed after execution
task.delay = 2;
// send command
rob.SendTask({OpenCat::Command::CALIB_POSE, 2});
return 0;
see examples for a more comprehensive example.

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