6.Gyro IMU(MPU6050)

MPU6050 is the most widely used 6-axis gyroscope, which can not only measure 3-axis angular velocity and 3-axis acceleration more accurately, but also use the built-in digital motion processor (DMP) for hardware based attitude fusion calculation. So novices can use it very conveniently. For this reason, we also use MPU6050 gyroscope.

There are many demos of MPU6050 on Arduino UNO, the most famous is jrowberg's I2Cdev and MPU6050DMP library:

Unfortunately, this library cannot be run directly on BiBoard based on ESP32. We found the ported library on Github, which is easy to use. This library adds the definition of PGMSpace for the ARM and ESP series, adds the calibration function, and removes the FIFO overflow processing function (friends who are interested can use Beyond Compare for code comparison). The library contains I2Cdev and MPU6050, the address and compressed package are as follows:

After the download is complete, create a MPU6050 folder under Documents/Arduino/library, and copy the library files in the compressed package into it. The library of this modified MPU6050 is also compatible with ARM and AVR, so if you have the original I2Cdev and MPU6050 libraries in your computer, you can delete them.

We can use the official MPU6050_DMP6 demo.

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