Getting Started Guide

This page gets you started with building/playing/coding with your Petoi robots

Hi, thanks for getting a Petoi robot.

If you have a construction kit, you can follow the following instructions to build it.

After you’ve assembled a Petoi robot or have bought a pre-assembled version, the following steps are recommended:

  1. Play with mobile app

    • Play with the default actions

    • Play with simple joint control

    • Add more commands to the controller panel

    • Play with group commands

  2. Play with voice commands(for Bittle X or any robot with the voice command module)

  3. Do some coding

Note that all the tutorials work on Bittle/Bittle X robot dogs and Nybble robot cat even though we use one particular robot pet as an example.


Question: I am confused by the product packaging and unsure if you sent me the right robot.

Answer: We reuse the packaging for Bittle and BIttle X. If you order a Bittle but receive a package with “Bittle X” marking, or vice versa, you can check the text label with the barcode. That text identifies what’s inside the packaging.

Check other FAQs on our official website or those in the Petoi Doc Center.

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