Bluetooth Connection

If you want to use Joint Calibrator, Skill Composer in the Petoi Desktop App, or a coding block in Mind+ via computer Bluetooth, you need to pair the mainboard Bluetooth on the computer first.

Connection Steps

For BiBoard

  1. Power on the mainboard via the battery (plug in the battery to the mainboard, and long-press the battery button > 3 seconds); after powering on, the mainboard's blue LED and yellow LED should be on.

  2. For Windows, Open the Bluetooth & other devices setting page, and turn on the Bluetooth button as follows:

  3. Add the BiBoard Bluetooth for the first time as follows:

    Select the one with the name Bittle**_BLE:

After paired successfully, it shows๏ผš

If you have already added the BiBoard Bluetooth before, after powering off and powering on the robot, you should remove both of the two devices in the list as follows:

Check the outgoing port. We will use it later in the Mind+ or Petoi Desktop App:

  1. Test in Mind+:

For NyBoard

Please refer to the Bluetooth module for NyBoard.

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